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Richard Hundhausen: The DBAgilist

This is a mirror of Richard Hundhausen's (aka The DBAgilist) blog "Tales from the Doghouse."

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  • Boise SQL Server User Group Presentation

    Thanks to those who attended the second meeting of the Boise SQL Server User Group. We had a good turnout of around 30 people and I hope everyone enjoyed my presentation of SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS). I tried to balance the presentation between those who hadn't used SSIS and those who have.

    If you are interested in the sample projects, packages, and data files from the talk, here they are.

  • Boise SQL Server User Group

    The newly formed Boise SQL Server User Group kicks off its first meeting with Kalen Delaney on June 25, 2008.

    I'm happy to see a Microsoft SQL Server user group in Boise. It will fit nicely with the other development and SharePoint groups in town.

    For more information, contact Cindy Gross of Microsoft.

  • Remembering Jim Gray and a Tribute

    Time flies. It's been a year since Dr. Gray, a Microsoft research fellow and Turing Award-winner, went missing while sailing off San Francisco. A year ago, at Boise Code Camp 2.0, I hosted a session on finding Jim Gray, using Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

    Now, a year after Dr. Gray went missing, the Association of Computing Machinery (the organization that holds the Turing Awards), the IEEE Computer Society and the University of California-Berkeley have joined to announce a tribute to Gray, planned for May 31 at the UC Berkeley campus. Jim Gray attended UC Berkeley from 1961 to 1969 and earned the school's very first Ph.D. in computer science. Fittingly enough, the tribute will also feature technical sessions for registered participants.

    You can find more information about the tribute here:

  • Microsoft P&P Releases Team Development with Team Foundation Server Guide

    Microsoft's Patterns & Practices group recently released the final version of the “Team Development with Team Foundation Server” Guide. This guide has been in beta for the last couple of months.


    It shows you how to get the most out of Team Foundation Server to help improve the effectiveness of your team-based software development. Whether you are already using Team Foundation Server or adopting from scratch, you’ll find guidance and insights you can tailor for your specific scenarios. It's a collaborative effort between patterns & practices, Team System team members, and industry experts.


    Some quick facts:

    • 496 – Total number of pages
    • 18 – Total number of chapters in this guide
    • 11392 – Total number of downloads of the Beta version of this guide
    • 8 – Number of attempts to get the Adobe build to work to generate the guide in .pdf format
    • 60 – Number of external and MSFT contributors and reviewers

    Download the guide from CodePlex.

  • XML Notepad 2007!

    My students this week told me about the new version. I remember using the original XML Notepad, and it was great, very simple.

    For the longest time, I couldn't find it on Microsoft's site to download, and then a newer version showed up on CodePlex.

  • Removing pingback, trackback, and comment spam from dasBlog

    Ok, I finally got fed up with all of the spam in my historical dasBlog postings. It's really embarrassing to send a link to a a colleague, only to have them snicker at all of the spam comments and trackbacks.

    For those of you who don't know what a trackback is, it's basically an acknowledgement that enables authors to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles. When used properly, trackbacks form a communication link between the two blogs, so that new comments on one blog can basically ping the other, allowing readers to easily follow discussions on both. The problem is that spammers have abused this mechanism and bloggers end up with trackbacks and pingbacks to various gambling, herbal medication, and adult sites.

    Earlier this year I joined the ranks, and disabled my trackback and pingback services in dasBlog. I then followed Scott Hanselman's advice on using Akismet spam blocking service.

    The big effort was then how to cleanup the <Comment> and <Trackback> elements that were spam, so, like others before me, I built a tool to assist with this.

    1. Download or to your hard drive
    2. Edit the blacklist.txt to include your own blacklisted URLs *
    3. Backup your existing feedback files: \content\*.dayentry.xml
    4. Run the ScrubDasBlog utility, specifying the path to your \content folder and the path to your blacklist.txt file, for example:

    scrubdasblog c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mydasblog\content c:\scrubdasblog\blacklist.txt

    * If you have predominately more SPAM comments and trackbacks in your dasBlog history, then you can generate a starter blacklist by going into your \content sub-folder and typing the following:

    type *.xml | find "AuthorHomepage" > blacklist.txt

    After you generate the blacklist.txt file, you should remove any good sites and remove any duplicates, before running the ScrubDasBlog utility.

    I would recommend downloading the Source code version and reading through my code. Please comment on any improvements you might make.

  • Project Server 2007 VSTS Connector released

    This week Microsoft released the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server – Project Server 2007 connector as a CodePlex project. The project has been up for a few weeks, but is now being broadly advertised.


    The TFS-PS2007 connector is designed to integrate the project management capabilities of TFS with Project Server 2007. It's been developed by the Visual Studio Team System Rangers in response to significant customer demand for a connector solution. Future versions of Team System will have native integration with Project Server, in the meantime this Connector solution is the best way to integrate the two Microsoft products. This solution builds on the previous PS2003 VSTS Connector, published on GotDotNet.

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