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Non-Technical: Blog Tag

It seems that a new game has been making its way around the blog sites: Blog Tag. I was myself just tagged by Richard Hundhausen yesterday. Luckily I got a heads-up about it or I might not have known for weeks. Anyways, part of the game is that you write 5 things about yourself that people probably didn't know, and then you tag five more people. Five things... Hmmm...

  1. My first introduction to computers and programming was the Atari 400, which I still possess to this day, and once every couple of years I like to take it out for a spin.
  2. I graduated from Bucknell University in 1990 with a BA in Linguistics and had no formal training until I took a training job in Southwest Connecticut back in 1992.
  3. The last time I played tag was in the spring of 2000 during a production of Taming of the Shrew at Raleigh Little Theatre (Raleigh, NC) where I played the part of Pedant. The game is played during live productions, very discreetly, on stage, and certainly adds a bit of thrill to group scenes.
  4. I sing and play guitar, the latter mostly to backup my singing. I have written and performed some original pieces that you can find here. I am self-taught on guitar, but am very much out of practice and never got to a level that I considered to be expert. I'm hoping to change that in the coming years as my kids begin to take part in music (my son already sings quite well for a 3 year old).
  5. I have been working since I was about 12 and have done the following jobs: Newspaper delivery boy, supermarket stock boy, video store clerk, and more notably, locksmith, graphic artist, and high school teacher.

Well, I think that is more than anyone ever needed to know about me. Now it's my turn to tag some fellow bloggers. I hereby tag Kirk Haselden, Bob Beauchemin, Kent Tegels, Michael Campbell, and my fellow SQLblog blogger Adam Machanic.

Published Wednesday, January 24, 2007 12:50 PM by Peter W. DeBetta
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Peter DeBetta works for Microsoft as an Application Platform Technology Strategist, specializing in strategies, design, implementation, and deployment of Microsoft SQL Server and .NET solutions. Peter writes courseware, articles, and books – most recently the title Introducing SQL Server 2008 from Microsoft Press. Peter speaks at conferences around the world, including TechEd, SQL PASS Community Summit, DevTeach, SQL Connections, DevWeek, and VSLive!

When Peter isn’t working, you can find him singing and playing guitar (click here to hear an original song by Peter), taking pictures, or simply enjoying life with his wife, son, and daughter.
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