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Delimited List to Table - Follow Up

Enigma ( posted a comment on the first entry in this topic regarding another method for converting a delimited list to a table. I will show an example of it here (formatted for ease of reading):

Given the structures...

CREATE TABLE Quotes (Author Varchar(30), Phrase Varchar(1000))

...where table Tally is a sequential list of numbers from 1 to 8000 (you can use this script to populate it)...

SET @a = 1
WHILE (@a <=8000)
 SET @a = @a + 1

...and where Quotes has, let's say, the following data...

INSERT INTO Quotes VALUES('Shakespeare', 'A,rose,by,any,other,name,smells,just,as,sweet')

Then the following query would return each delimited value from the Phrase column as a separate row in the resulting table...

SELECT  NullIf(SubString(',' + Phrase + ',' , ID , CharIndex(',' , ',' + Phrase + ',' , ID) - ID) , '')
          AS Word
FROM  Tally
  ON ID <= Len(',' + Phrase + ',')
   AND  SubString(',' + Phrase + ',' , ID - 1, 1) = ','
   AND  CharIndex(',' , ',' + Phrase + ',' , ID) - ID > 0
WHERE  Author = 'Shakespeare'

Wow! Many thanks to Joe Celko for this beauty. I love how this works. This is the beauty of set-based operations. For a full explanation of how this works, go to

Now, how would we apply this to our situation? Well, I want a UDF that will accept any delimited list and delimiter using join technique shown here. Details will be in the next post...

Published Monday, June 26, 2006 12:59 PM by Peter W. DeBetta


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