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Paul Nielsen

Dell hints at next gen Precision notebooks

Quad Core, 16Gb RAM, 1TB RAID, 1Gb Graphics, run dual 30' monitors

see the video:

Published Friday, August 15, 2008 11:45 AM by Paul Nielsen
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jchang said:

Quad core mobile is already on the Intel roadmap, with availability soon. The G45 chipset is listed as supporting 16GB. On a desktop, this can be achieved with 4 DIMM sockets and 4GB DIMMs, a commonly available part. On a notebook, with 2 DIMM sockets, you need 8GB SO-DIMM, which is announced but not widely available yet. Dual HD (SATA) is already in the cheap Vostro 1700 (yes I got it as soon as it can out). But what I really want is an external x4 SAS port connected off a x4 PCI-E port. Then I want an external storage device for 8 x 2.5in SAS drives. I can get this from SuperMicro (CSE-M28E2) but its current meant to fit into a desktop chassis (for the power supply), so I still need to find a small high quality power supply. Hopefully Dell will make this for me, I will buy one, and I am sure another person will buy one too! for a total market of 2

August 15, 2008 1:57 PM
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