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Paul Nielsen

The Romantic DBA

Tomorrow is our Thousandths Day - Edie and I will have been married for exactly one thousand days. How do I know? SQL Server told me:

Select DateAdd(d, 1000, '10/22/2005')

When I first told Edie about Thousandths Day a few months ago, she thought I was making it up, but now she's wondering what I have planned. Since she never reads my blog… I booked the romance package at the Antler's Hotel where we had our wedding reception and a dinner at La Creperie, our favorite French restaurant downtown Colorado Springs.


Published Thursday, July 17, 2008 6:30 PM by Paul Nielsen



alphatross said:

Happy Thousandths Day!

July 18, 2008 7:27 AM

joewebb0 said:

Cool! Thanks for sharing! We'll meet you at La Creperie tomorrow night.  ;)

July 18, 2008 9:28 AM

Mahesh said:

Awesome. This is one example how Tejon DB helps to improve your love life.

November 15, 2016 1:33 PM
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About Paul Nielsen

Paul Nielsen believes SQL is the romance language of data. As such he’s a hands-on database developer, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, trainer, and author of SQL Server Bible series (Wiley). As a data architect, he developed the concepts of Smart Database Design and Nordic – an open source O/R dbms for SQL Server. He lives in Colorado Springs.

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