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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

Deep dive to MDX presentation - slides

During SQL PASS 2008 summit, I gave full day preconference seminar “Deep Dive to MDX”. The evaluation forms now have arrived, and the scores for the content, relevance and depth portion of the seminar are very good. The scores are not as high, however, for the time allocated (people argued that it should’ve been  2 days instead of one), and for the materials (since nobody received any materials). Both points are valid, one day turned out to be not enough, and perhaps two days wouldn’t have been enough either, since I got into less than a half of material that I had prepared. Also, due to some issues, I couldn’t hand down the presentation material – slides and MDX queries/calculations. These issues are cleared now, and I will start uploading the slides from the presentation. I don’t suppose they will be very useful for people who didn’t attend the session, since slides really only contain major talking points, and the rest was delivered verbally, but they probably will be very useful for people who did attend.

The time allowed to cover the following subjects:

  • Overall Architecture
  • Subcubes
  • Sonar
  • Storage Engine query plan
  • Storage Engine cache
  • Formula Engine query plan
    • Block mode
  • Formula Engine cache
  • Sets

More detailed Table of Content can be found here.

I will do series of posts uploading one subject at a time. The first subject is “Overall Architecture”, and it gives high-level picture of the components discussed further in the presentation. The slides are here.

Slightly unrelated announcement: MDX Studio 0.4.11 was also released today, with multiple UI enhancements, docked windows (Visual Studio style) etc. Versions for SSAS 2005 and SSAS 2008 are available, and can be downloaded from here.

Published Wednesday, December 31, 2008 12:54 PM by mosha
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