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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

So what is exactly “Project Gemini”

In the couple of hours since the announcement here at MS BI conference, I talked with few people already and saw few threads and comments in the Web, and (as expected), there is plenty of confusion about what “Project Gemini” is and isn’t etc. Here are the facts:

1. Project Gemini is the Analysis Services

2. It is next version of Analysis Services, which will ship before SQL11, as part of SQL Server “Kilimanjaro”

3. It uses column oriented processing and in memory storage as core technological principals

Out of all coverage on the Web, that I saw so far – the best explanation comes from Doug Henschen article “Microsoft Will Bow In-Memory Analysis, Appliance-Ready Database in 2010” in Intelligence Enterprise. Here is the key quote from this article:

“It's essentially another storage mode for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services with access via MDX, so existing applications will be able to take advantage of the performance enhancements”

Just to repeat it in other words: Existing applications that work today with Analysis Services through XMLA and MDX will be able to work with Gemini, because Gemini is Analysis Services. In fact, in “SQL 2008 and beyond” session today, Thierry demonstrated how Report Builder worked with Gemini seamlessly. And because column oriented (and in-memory) are used as a foundation of storage engine, the performance and scalability by data volumes is much better.

To read more about column oriented processing:

To read more about in-memory databases:

Published Monday, October 6, 2008 2:44 PM by mosha
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