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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

SQL PASS Summit 2008 and MS BI Conference 2008

SQL PASS Summit 2008 and Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference 2008 are two major conferences targeting very similar audiences. And this year both conferences are happening in the same location very close to each other (there is just one month separating them). Thus, many SQL BI professionals are forced to choose which one to attend. And this time the choice is not an easy one. Here is a comparison table:

  SQL PASS Summit 2008 Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference 2008


Ted Kummert, Tom Casey, David J. DeWitt

Kurt DelBene, Stephen Elop, Ted Kummert


  • Application Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Database Application
  • Professional Development
  • Microsoft BI Platform and Infrastructure
  • Microsoft BI Clients and Applications
  • Deployment and Best Practices
  • Customer and Industry Solutions
  • Business Value of Business Intelligence
  • Partner Training Track


Over 130 technical sessions

65 breakout sessions


14 preconference full day seminars

Chalk talks

SSAS specific sessions

  • Optimizing Dimension Designs in SSAS , Dave Fackler
  • Creating an SSIS, SSAS and SSRS monitoring solution with SSIS, SSAS and SSRS , Chris Webb
  • Do It Right: Best Practices for Analysis Services 2005 and 2008, Craig Utley
  • Troubleshooting MDX Query Performance , Stacia Misner
  • Deep dive into MDX (precon) - Mosha Pasumansky
  • Avoiding Common SQL Server Analysis Services Mistakes, Craig Utley
  • Designing High Performance Cubes in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services, T.K. Anand
  • SQL Server Analysis Services Performance Monitoring, Carl Rabeler
  • Manageability and Scalability Improvements in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services, T.K. Anand
  • Optimizing Query Performance in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services, T.K. Anand
Dates November 18-21, 2008 October 6-8, 2008
Location Washington State Convention & Trade Center,
Seattle WA.
Washington State Convention & Trade Center,
Seattle WA.

Last year MS BI Conference was criticized for lack of technical sessions, but this year the list looks pretty strong, and totally comparable to the PASS’s one. In fact, comparing the SSAS specific sessions, it’s easy to notice that there is overlap. Craig Utley’s session is probably going to be the same. Each conference also features dedicated session on MDX performance. But there is plenty of different content, of course. Each conference has its own extras. PASS packs two days of preconference seminars, which are full day sessions. MS BI Conference, on the other hand, offers so called “chalk talks”, which were very popular last year. This time they are supposedly better organized – i.e. held in the real rooms with not only whiteboard, but computer and projector as well (the list of chalk talks is supposed to be published by next week).

Overall not an easy choice. Luckily for me, I don’t have to choose between the two – since both are in Seattle – I am going to attend both of them ! Actually, I have speaking engagements in both of them. In SQL PASS, I have “Deep dive to MDX” preconference seminar, (the same one I was supposed to do last year, but it got canceled). And in MS BI Conference, I will be hosting the chalk talk “Got MDX problems ? MDX Studio to the rescue !”.

So make your decisions, the registrations are open !

Published Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:59 PM by mosha
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