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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

MDX Studio Online – Format and Parse MDX

MDX Formatting functionality debuted in MDX Studio 0.2.8, and judging by the amount of feedback I got on it – it became the most popular feature of MDX Studio ever ! Couple of people mentioned that for SQL formatting/beautifying needs, they would go online to sites like, which often do reasonable job for MDX as well. So this got me thinking that I could put MDX formatting functionality online as well. With little refactoring of MDX Studio code I was able to hack my first ever ASP.NET application, which became MDX Studio Online Edition. This was a significant milestone, so I promoted version number to 0.3, and also promoted status from Alpha to Beta.

The MDX Studio Online can be accessed at

In addition to “Format MDX” button, it also features “Parse” button, which does exactly the same as desktop version – it shows the MDX parse tree. Just like in desktop version, it can Format and Parse both queries (i.e. SELECT statements) and MDX Scripts (i.e. CREATE MEMBER/SET, SCOPE, assignments etc). The biggest known feature which is lacking from MDX Studio formatting – is support for comments. Currently it just ignores the comments instead of carrying them forward into formatted statements. I still didn’t figured out how to do it, but this issue tops my todo list.

Update: Big thanks to Nick Medveditskov who also has written his own MDX Formatter application – he told me the trick he used to preserve comments in formatted MDX, and this functionality is now implemented in MDX Studio deployed online.

Being an online application – you can use it right away, without any installation, so it can be especially handful for consultants working at customer site, where software installations are not allowed. Another great benefit of it being online application, is that everybody is always on the latest code, so all the hotfixes and version upgrades go live for everybody immediately (well the downside is that if I break something, then everybody is broken right away and there is no rollback, but this would never happen to me, of course, would it ?)

I would like to thanks several people who did smoke testing for this application before it went public and provided lots of very valuable feedback and advice, people from all around the world – Vladimir Stepa (Germany), Vidas Matelis (Canada), Greg Galloway (US), Darren Gosbell (Australia), Ajit Singh (India) and Chris Webb (UK). After all of them gave green light to the current version, I feel OK now to release it to public.

As usual please send your feedback about the tool to the MDX Studio forum at

Published Tuesday, July 1, 2008 12:55 AM by mosha
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