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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

PASS Presentation canceled :(

I am very upset about it, but my tomorrow's PASS preconference presentation isn't going to happen. My flight to Denver today was canceled, after having spent few hours in Seattle airport I realized that there was absolutely no way for me to get to Denver before tomorrow morning. I went through all airlines, asking for any flight, any connection, and every other flight was full and sold out. I apologize to everybody who registered for this presentation. I hope PASS will be able to accommodate you for another session. I am very upset, for I have spent lots of time during last month preparing for this presentation. I believe that I gathered plenty of unique material not available anywhere else, knowledge that would have benefited MDX practitioners. I even developed a new tool (code name 'MDX Studio'), especially for this presentation, which features MDX expression debugger, MDX query execution performance monitor and attribute overwrite viewer - this was supposed to be a surprise announcement during my presentation. If only PASS was in Seattle, just like last year, and year before that.

Anyway, I apologize again, and once I calmed down, I will start thinking about other ways to share the content of the presentation. It will take me months to write all of it down, so I hope another opportunity for speaking will come soon again, this time in Seattle or somewhere close, like Vancouver or Portland - where I could just drive...

Published Sunday, September 16, 2007 10:10 PM by mosha
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