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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

MDX for Everyone

I was cleaning my storage room in my basement, and I noticed that that old 1.44MB diskette felt from one of the boxes. I picked it up, and I saw hand-written label across it - it read "MDX for Everyone". The wave of nostalgie overwhelmed me at this moment. I remembered, that in late 1997 I decided to write book about MDX. I even thought about cool title - "MDX for Everyone", and I did write few chapters. However, sometime in the early 1998 I have misplaced the diskette with the text, and anyway being too busy shipping OLAP Services 7.0 at that time, I forgot about it. Well, only 7 years and 3 versions later I found it again. Luckily one of my computers still had 1.44MB disk drive, and amazingly I was able to read the 7 years old disk, and my Word 2003 had no problems loading Word 97 document in it. My thinking and understanding about MDX has dramatically evolved over these years, and I did end up writing a book about it with completely different approach. Nevertheless, I decided to publish my early writings. When I read them today - they strike me as naive, simplistic and childish (not to mention numerous problems with English). Yet, for the most part they are not incorrect, and I decided to publish them "as is" without editing content, style, grammer etc. Perhaps this draft would be helpful for MDX beginners. Unfortunatelly, the diskette that I found did not have the latest version - and several chapters in the end are missing - well still something is better then nothing.

The draft can be viewed at the following URL:

Published Sunday, November 13, 2005 5:15 PM by mosha
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