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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

Migration whitepaper from AS2000 to AS2005

There is a new whitepaper titled "Analysis Services 2005 Migration" written by Michael Young for Proclarity. It really consists of three parts. First part is an overview of Analysis Services 2005 features such as attribute hierarchies, related attributes, data source views, measure groups, perspectives etc. While first part doesn't have any information not available from elsewhere, I still recommend to read through it, because it is written well and from perspective of the user who is familiar with AS2K. The second part desctibes the Migration Wizard. It takes you step by step through the wizard and describes the decisions of the wizard and what limitations it has. Unfortunatelly this part contains several technical inaccuracies, which I would like to point out to, and hopefully they will be fixed in the updated version:
1. It states that unary operators are not migrated. This is not correct - unary operators are fully migrated.
2. It refers to 3 different settings w.r.t. Custom formulas:
  * Custom Rollup Formulas - says that these are not migrated
  * Custom Member Formulas - says that these are migrated as MDX expressions
  * Custom Level Formulas - says that these are migrated as assignment
In reality, there are only 2 settings:
  * Custom Rollup Formulas - migrated as an assignment inside MDX Script
  * Custom Member Formulas - migrated natively as Custom Member Formulas
3. It mentions that roles are migrated per cube, and that the user can refine them further per measure group. This is not correct - security is always defined at the level of the cube, because this is what the end user eventually sees. There is no security per measure group.
4. A little bit puzzling, but at the end, the paper mentions that there is a list of features which Migration Wizard won't implement. However all these features are new to Analysis Services 2005 (semiadditive measures, many-to-many dimensions etc), so of course Migration Wizard won't implement them, because these features are not to be found in AS2K cubes.
The last part of the whitepaper discusses Migration vs. Redesign questions. The list of questions is not comprehensive, but provides good start for the discussion.
So this should be useful read for people going through migration - the whitepaper is avaiable here:
Published Wednesday, June 8, 2005 10:35 AM by mosha
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