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Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

Understanding changes in Yukon MDX Part I

When I did a review of “Analysis Services 2000 vs 2005” presentation, I mentioned, that changes to MDX were not covered at all in it, and I also noted, that changes to MDX in Yukon could easily fill several presentations by themselves. And they do. In July, Rob Zare has delivered Webcast called “Understanding changes in Yukon MDX Part I”. This Webcast was mostly based on the presentation that Rob and myself prepared together for the Yukon Technical Preview. When Beta 2 shipped, this Webcast was supposed to become available, but while everybody whom I asked assures me that it is available somewhere (on Betaplace, or perhaps on Beta 2 DVD), nobody was able to point out the exact location. Since we are getting a lot of questions in the newsgroup on this subject, I decided at least to make the slides available. While this is not as good as recorded Webcast - it is still better then nothing :) Note that this is just Part I, and it was impossible to cover everything, so we had to chose what we thought would fit the “introduction“ presentation. We are working now on the “advanced“ presentation - so let me know if you want some particular content to be included there.

  • MDX in UDM - cube space, autoexist, attributes vs. hierarchies, cell coordinates etc
  • MDX Scripts - declarative vs. procedural, centralized calculation management etc
  • Cube as a spreadsheet - Yukon calculation model
  • MDX Script statements - CALCULATE, SCOPE, assignments, conditional assignments, calculation properties assignments, FREEZE etc
  • Sets in WHERE clause
  • MDX data types and conversion rules
  • Handling of unrelated dimensions and attributes - IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions vs. ValidMeasure etc
  • Automatic recursion resolution - “infinite recursion occured“ can be resolved by the engine
  • Miscelaneous - aggregation over distinct count, syntax simplifications, CASE operator etc.

Slides can be downloaded from here:
Additional material about MDX:
Additional material about Yukon:
Additional material about Analysis Services:

Published Wednesday, February 16, 2005 8:06 PM by mosha
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