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Michael Rys: Musings on XML, XQuery and more...

Trying to blog a bit more

Well, after a long time not blogging, I am trying to blog a bit more... I have been tweeting in between (follow me at @SQLServerMike). And unfortunately my SQLJunkies blog seem to have disappeared in that buyout and reorg. I will have to repost some of them here again I guess ;)

Over the last couple of years I have been working on not only XML but the whole "so-called" Beyond Relational space, that includes XML, but also unstructured data management, spatial, Service Broker, Search, sparse columns etc. That does not mean I did write all these specs but that I was driving the overall scenario value propositions and projects.

Another cool project I was doing the program and project management for has been the componentization of the SQL Engine code base. So instead of one of the largest binary, SQL Server consists of several binaries now.

The next post will talk a bit more about what we do in Denali with respect to Beyond Relational. Expect more blog posts on SQL Server and SQL Azure, Beyond Relational as well as NoSQL and Big Data musing and trends.

I hope a few people still follow me here and on MSDN. :)

Published Thursday, August 11, 2011 11:34 PM by mrys


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