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NJ .NET User Group Presentation: Building a SQL Server Search Engine in .NET

I'll be presenting at the Northern NJ .NET User Group meeting on Tuesday February 9.  Topics we'll cover include:

  • Intro to SQL Server 2008 Integrated Full-Text Search (iFTS) features and functionality, including:
    • Full-text indexes
    • Thesaurus
    • Word breakers, filters and stemming
    • Multilanguage support
  • Intro to SQL Server 2008 FILESTREAM storage
  • Troubleshooting with iFTS dynamic management views and functions
  • Building a simple and powerful .NET-based search engine-style interface

Click here for more information:

See you there!

Published Sunday, February 7, 2010 2:11 PM by Mike C



Frank said:

Michael, Thanks for the excellent presentation on buillding a .NET/SQL Server search engine.  Is the example available for download? Is it on Thanks!

February 11, 2010 12:46 PM

Mike C said:

Hi Frank,

The sample databases and code are available at, as a sample download for the book "Pro Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2008".

The grammar lexer/parser engine is available on (project is Irony .NET).

February 20, 2010 4:04 PM
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