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Y-2.01K Bug

Who would have thought the lessons learned in 1999 weren't remembered as we move into the new year?  Here's a quick roundup of Y-2*K stories:

  • If you have a German credit card issued recently you may not be able to use it thanks to the Y-2.01K bug.
  • It looks like Symantec Endpoint Manager and Apache SpamAssassin also had problems moving into the new year.
  • I guess even Windows is not immune, as several Windows Mobile users suddenly started getting messages dated from 6 years in the future. Thanks to the Y2K16 bug Windows Mobile users are receiving messages from the year 2016 instead of 2010 (my money's on 0x10 = 16 decimal).
Published Friday, January 8, 2010 11:37 PM by Mike C


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