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SQL 2008 Encryption EKM Virtual Event

I'll be presenting at a SafeNet-sponsored virtual event on Dec. 15.  The topic is "SQL 2008 Encryption EKM Scenarios".  We'll be discussing the practical applications of EKM in SQL Server 2008, and the most common scenarios that require EKM functionality.  If you wonder what EKM is, or if you do know what EKM is but don't know when it would be useful to you, this event is for you!  I will be presenting twice on the 15th:

* 2 - 3 PM London Time; registration at:

and again at

* 2 - 3 PM U.S./Canada Eastern Time; registration at:

The event sponsors will also be giving away a limited number of copies of my book "Expert SQL Server 2008 Encryption" to a limited number of attendees.

I'll see you there!

Published Thursday, December 10, 2009 2:50 PM by Mike C


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