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Elevating America in Maryland

I just received confirmation from Maryland that their vouchers are going quickly as well.  The MD Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulation reports that their vouchers are being distributed at a very rapid pace and in some distribution channels they have actually run out.  The process for MD residents is something like this (please forgive me if the details are a little fuzzy, the people I spoke to were in a hurry and seemed a bit flustered at the time):

1.  Sign up for the Maryland Workforce Exchange ( online.
2.  Go to a Maryland Career Center to apply for and receive your vouchers.

Maryland also confirmed that they are passing some vouchers out through colleges and other distribution channels, but I was unable to get details.  I think a good starting point to get more information might be the career counseling office at your local college/university in Maryland.  Again, time is of the essence.  Many of these states that received the voucher are under a lot of pressure to get them out to people as quickly as possible, since they are given only a limited amount of time to distribute them, with hard start and stop dates!

Marylanders, hurry up and register before this opportunity is gone!

Published Friday, November 6, 2009 12:49 PM by Mike C


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