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Microsoft Elevates America With Training Vouchers

Microsoft is partnering with states to distribute 1 million vouchers for training and certification across the country. The program is called "Elevate America" ( ).

My understanding of the way it works is this:

  • MS supplies each state a number of vouchers for free training and certification
  • It's up to each state to distribute the vouchers to the people who need them

Most participating states appear to be distributing them through the state Employment Offices at this point, but it is up to each state to decide which agency should handle distribution.

Some states have already completed distribution of their vouchers--NY, NJ, CT and PA have not distributed any yet. Keep checking the MS map at for information on when vouchers will become available in your state!

UPDATE: I just received confirmation that NY will be distributing 71,000 vouchers beginning around Dec. 1st.  NYS Dept of Labor will post directions to get your vouchers on their website:  More to come as updates come in from other states.


Published Tuesday, November 3, 2009 11:06 AM by Mike C


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