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Mission Accomplished: NJSQL Saturday Event

Thanks to all those who made the NJSQL Saturday event held in Iselin, NJ today a success!

Those lucky enough to attend were given a sneak preview of one of the best young presenters out there--MVP Jacob Sebastian--who will also be speaking at PASS.  I have to hand it to Jacob: he gave one of the best presentations on a SQL Server topic I think I've seen yet.  Between yours truly, Jacob Sebastian, and Robert Pearl, attendees learned best practices for defensive coding and error handling (XACT_ABORT anybody?), learned the concepts behind SQL Server's new spatial data types and saw how to make use them in conjunction with Web-based mapping apps (where's that A Train run again?), and learned a bit about auditing and the internals of the transaction log and CDC.

Thanks to NJSQL leader and event coordinator Melissa Demsak, attendees had plenty to eat and everyone got a chance to win several door prizes including t-shirts, books, and copies of Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate (Steve Ballmer's signature edition, no less)!

For those who asked for it, I'll be cleaning up my sample code and sample geospatial database to shrink it down and pass it along (with the other presentation materials) to Melissa for posting.  Currently the sample database is about 99 MB in size, but it contains several tables that aren't really necessary for the demo code to run.  Today I presented on the SQL Server geospatial "what" and "why"; at the NJSQL UG meeting in November I'll be diving into the "how".  Check back at for details.

Thanks again to all our sponsors and the NJSQL and NYC SQL Server UG for making this event happen!

Published Saturday, October 24, 2009 9:03 PM by Mike C


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