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Rodney Landrum's Free e-Book: "SQL Server Tacklebox"

Red Gate just published a new free e-book in their High Performance SQL Server series.  The book is SQL Server Tacklebox: Essential Tools and Scripts for the Day to Day DBA by Rodney Landrum. Rodney is a professional DBA by trade, an author by choice, and a SQL Server MVP. With the SQL Server Tacklebox Rodney demonstrates dozens of commonplace DBA tasks, approaching each from different perspectives. Whether it's walking the reader through all the steps to properly install a SQL Server instance or demonstrating no less than three different data migration methods, Rodney presents an engaging and thoughtful discussion as he lays out the options.

Now I'm not a DBA by trade--I'm a developer.  Where the DBA holds the keys to the kingdom, I generally get to play the barbarian at the gate.  I still get stuck playing the "ad hoc DBA" on occasion though, since most business people don't appreciate the difference in skill sets.  This book is perfect for ad hoc DBAs like me, since you can easily look up a wide variety of DBA-centric tasks by title and get (1) a thorough explanation of all the things you need to consider before you perform the task, (2) step-by-step directions on how to perform the task, and (3) a detailed description of what you should expect once the task is complete.  As a developer, and a guy who's really big on instant SQL gratification, I really appreciate Rodney's free source code (separate download, link is inside the book).

For full-time DBAs, Rodney's book works great as a quick reference for routine day-to-day tasks. Rodney doesn't stop there, however. He also discusses the more advanced topics like setting up notifications, investigating performance problems, and addressing data corruption issues.  In order to get the book you have to visit Red Gate's website at Download you copy now!

Published Tuesday, August 18, 2009 11:07 PM by Mike C


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