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Merrill Aldrich

Technical content about Microsoft data technologies. All opinions expressed are purely my own and do not reflect positions of my employer or associates.

New Toys (Ho! Ho! Ho!)

So, I am just writing because I am excited about some new toys we're setting up at work: I've got three new Nehalem-based SQL servers connected to our first storage array with solid state disks (it actually has three tiers of storage: SSD, FC and SATA). Looking forward to screaming fast reads for our data warehouse/BI setup, as well as consolidation of a sprawly old collection of SQL Servers onto a nice, consolidated set of new clusters.

Technically the new storage array will support a cross-platform mix of HP/UX Itanium servers running Oracle and MS Windows clusters running SQL Server, side by side on the SSD and fiber channel disks. The design work has given me the chance to work closely with one of our Oracle DBAs and the SAN admins (all friendly people! Amazing!), and I'm learning a lot.

All the metal bits are in place in the data center, lights a-blinking, and we're on to configuring the array and perf testing in the next two weeks. Sweet!

Published Thursday, December 17, 2009 10:28 AM by merrillaldrich

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