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Merrill Aldrich

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More PASS Summit Awesomeness

The summmit is rolling into it's last day (post-conference sessions aside). I got to see some amazing stuff yesterday. Hillarity at the Quest breakfast -- picture five DBAs, in a clown car -- but great content interleaved with the jokes. The MVP Deep Dives book seems to be a huge success, and the booksigning was very cool.

I got to meet more of my heros, like:

Erland Sommarskog ( who is interesting not only because he's Swedish (most good things come from Sweden) but because he was basically blogging about SQL Server before blogging was cool, perhaps even before "blog" was a word. Erland wrote some indispensable articles on error handling patterns and dynamic SQL that are a must-read for every DBA and database dev. If you don't know those articles, stop reading right here and open a tab. Seriously.

Brad McGehee -- this is a guy who can distill the best performance practices, no matter how complex, into coherent, understandable language for any DBA to fully understand. Also lives in Hawaii, lucky guy. I'd had some email correspondence with Brad, but it was nice to meet him face to face.

Brent Ozar, all around mover and shaker. How does he DO that?

Gail Shaw. Period. Awesome. Wonderwoman of the core SQL engine, indexes, you name it.

Buck Woody, Allen White, Kevin Kline -- too many to list them all.

In line at the book signing, by pure luck, I also bumped into Dave Fackler, whose SSIS session, from his description, sounds like it will be fantastic, and exactly what I need for a project at work.

Other high points - enjoyed Craig Utley's session on SSAS best practices, which was a great precursor for Chris Webb's Aggregation Design talk. Also Red Gate booth small talk. Love those folks. Project Madison at the HP booth was very cool. Got a great demo of SQL Sentry (unsolicited plug here) which looks terrific.


Published Thursday, November 5, 2009 10:22 AM by merrillaldrich

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