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SQL server 2016 Sp1 CU4 regression error while applying permission on entity level, quick workaround

Sql Server 2016 Sp1 CU4 was recently released here . we made a significant improvement in terms of performance when working on Models tree view control which is available under user and group permissions . When the end user is trying to apply/edit the permissions on the tree view control at entity node it will throw an error like this "The model permission cannot be saved. The object guid is not valid " . This was identified only after the release and found a fix which will be applied and released in SP1 CU5 , however we want to completely unblock you from this by providing a quick workaround . 
Please update this stored procedure as attached , so that you will be unblocked and can apply permissions on entity nodes as well . Regret the inconvenience caused
Note: No other consequences and you can apply permissions on different node levels which includes leaf and attributes on the model tree view control. This issue is also present in 2017 RTM and will be fixed in 2017 CU1 accordingly

observed that the link is down for some reason because of this blog issue .

here is the file uploaded on one drive :!AtXnJV9m4MYNtXju0o6m3-9WsDt9
- MDS team
Published Tuesday, September 5, 2017 8:41 PM by MDS Team

Attachment(s): udpSecurityPriviliegesSaveByMUID.TXT


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