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Reserved Words

(This was posted by Suzanne Selhorn, Technical Writer on the MDS team) 

People often ask about which words are reserved—which words they shouldn’t use when creating model objects or words they shouldn't use for members. Here is a list of words you should not use.

Model object reserved words
Don't use these for names of objects (models, entities, attributes, version flags, subscription views, etc).

ID LastChgUserName
Code LastChgVersionID
Name LastChgVersionNumber
EDMWeight MDMMemberStatus
EDMMemberStatus Status
EnterDateTime Status_ID
EnterDTM ValidationStatus
EnterUserID ValidationStatus_ID
EnterUserName Version_ID
EnterVersionNumber       VersionFlag
LastChgDateTime VersionName
LastChgDTM VersionNumber

Member reserved words
Don't use these words for members.

Root EDMMemberStatus
MDMUnused EDMUnused
MDMMemberStatus EDMWeight
Published Wednesday, November 3, 2010 1:11 PM by MDS Team


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