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Strange bug in SSAS 2005

I have been notified of this strange bug in Analysis Services 2005 that is easily reproducable.


  • Open SQL Server Management Studio
  • Browse the Adventure Works cube
  • Put Promotions/Promotions hierarchy on the filter area (no measures in the data area)
  • Expand Promotions and uncheck "Customer"
  • Drag Promotions hierarchy from filter to rows
  • Drill the "Reseller" member - at this point you may observe a long wait but the worst is that msmdsrv.exe process on the server (it's the Analysis Services service) is consuming all available virtual memory - you need to restart Analysis Services service at this point

I tested it on a SP2 server.

First of all, since it is a "Denial of Service" for Analysis Service, it is best to remove the Adventure Works sample from a production server - but you never put sample databases on production server, right? :-)

I hadn't time to test it more to understand what is the real issue here to understand what is the impact on other databases. The strange thing is that if you do not move the Promotions hierarchy on the filter area before, the problem do not arises.

Published Sunday, April 22, 2007 8:21 AM by Marco Russo (SQLBI)



AUggetti said:

It is a bug and it is under review from developers. Probably in next Comulative Update for AS 2005 will be solved.

What is Comulative Update:

April 25, 2007 2:26 AM

rex164 said:

I had exactly the same problems with SSAS 2005 SP2. I had to roll-back to SP1.

Today I installed the cumulative update pack 2 (build 3175) and all problems have disappeared. Performance is also significantly increased compared to SP1.

The update pack can be downloaded here:

good luck


June 26, 2007 10:06 AM
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