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Louis Davidson

This is my most difficult SQLBlog post ever…and almost certainly, my last

The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again - Charles Dickens

It amazes me, but I have blogged here for over 11 years. My first post was about some new functionality in SQL Server 2005, Service pack 2. It was cross posted to, where my original blog was hosted. No introduction post, just right into things. Back then things were still new, and I was just getting started. I have hundreds of blogs hosted here on SQLBlog, and I will miss being a part of this community greatly.

It was a wonderful 11 years, and I have had more exposure than I could have ever anticipated when we first started. I want to thank the two wonderful folks who started those many years. Adam Machanic (twitter) and Peter Debetta (twitter), both great people who did a great thing and started a very simple blogging platform for a host of really amazing co-conspirators (that I won't name, so I don't leave anyone out!)

This will be my last blog post on, and it comes with mixed emotions. I am a fiercely loyal person. I have been at the same company for the past 15 years straight, 20 years total. I carried a Zune and a Windows Phone from when they came out until Microsoft basically pushed me away to Apple by discontinuing the Zune and making better apps for the iPhone than their platform. But it is time to leave for a different blogging platform, to consolidate all of my writing in one location.

I am excited though, that my new blog will be on Redgate's Simple-Talk. Not much will change in terms of what features I will be able to provide. You will still be able to get my posts in an RSS feed, and I will still be blogging about features of T-SQL, PASS, and comings and goings in the SQL Community. What's more, I will be bringing over my back catalog of posts soon so that you (and more importantly to me, I) will still have those posts available when needing to remember how something works that I have already written about in the past. Still to this day there are posts and presentations I did back in the 2005 time frame that I wish I still had available (I did an animated optimizer presentation that I would love to have the slides for again.)

The new address will be:

And I hope to see you there, where my mood will be just a little bit cheerier.

Published Monday, January 8, 2018 3:24 PM by drsql
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