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Louis Davidson

Doing a book signing at the DataCore booth at Microsoft Ignite!

If you are in the intersection of these two groups:

  • Doesn't currently have a copy of my current database design book, or wants to give one to a friend who architects poor databases
  • Will be attending the Microsoft Ignite Conference

Then I have a great deal for you. The middle four days of the Microsoft's Ignite conference in Orlando, I will be signing 300 books at the DataCore booth #2213, where they are launching a product called MaxParallel for SQL Server.

There is no requirement to purchase anything from DataCore to get your free, signed copy of my book (or even talk to them at all, if you don't want to!) Just line up, say hi and I will put marks in the books that will reduce it from mint to near mint condition. Obviously, they hope you hang around and check out the product, and at least let them scan your badge to send you a bit of information. They are nice people and their product is very interesting, so I hope you do.

You can read more about MaxParallel here, and I am certain that you are going to be as skeptical as I was. After I had the demo from them that will be similar to what they do on the show floor, I have personally tried it in a lab setting (Azure VM, 4 CPU, with 8 spinning disks using HammerDB to do a TPC test,) and I saw rather promising results. I know they stand behind the product, because you can try it now on Azure Marketplace yourself if interested for 30 days without spending a dime, and will also be able to try it on your on-premises edition as well before buying. (I know I personally don't like trying an iPhone app for 3 bucks if I can't see if it works as expected!)

The book they are giving away is my latest: Pro SQL Server Relational Database Design and Implementation and I will be at their booth at least for the following times:

Monday: 1 PM -3 PM
Tuesday: 2 PM- 4 PM
Wednesday: 2 PM- 4 PM
Thursday: 10 AM to 12 PM

Why my book? The topic of how to build and implement a database properly goes hand in hand with performance tuning. The better you build your database, the more data you can work with in a smaller amount of time with fewer resources. Once your database is built, properly or not, and code has been written, changing the code is hard, and changing the design is exponentially harder. That is where the iterative nature of SQL Server comes in, getting better almost yearly now. Add to that hardware increases, and a database platform optimization tool like MaxParallel, and you can help bad code run faster, and great code run fastest.

Hope to see you there!


Some of my expenses are being reimbursed by DataCore (conference entrance and lodging), but I am not being reimbursed for my time or other travel expenses. The books they are giving away were purchased directly from my publisher. Book inscription is not guaranteed to be legible or even make sense until you read the book.

Published Tuesday, September 19, 2017 9:13 PM by drsql
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