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Louis Davidson

Scenic City Summit is this Friday

Scenic City Summit is a one day conference in Chattanooga, the Scenic City Summit is a new experience for me, although in a familiar, Devlink-esqe setting of the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, TN.

I am looking forward to attending, and seeing a couple of fellow Microsoft MVP's do keynotes: Cory House and David Neal. I have never seen/met Cory House, and as he is doing the opening keynote, there is only a 30% chance I will actually make it there. David Neal on the other hand, I have seen a few times at Music City Code and Devlink, and he and I also share a devotion to the cullinary masterpiece known as Nashville Hot Chicken (my taste bud just twanged a bit thinking about it).

But I digress.

Scenic City Summit isn't a large conference, and is even smaller when it comes to database content. Under the topic of database, there are 2 sessions: One by Eric Cobb, (he is from Nashville, so I may know him already) called Building Better SQL Server Databases, which I plan to attend.

Then my session:

Implementing Row Level Security in SQL Server

Since the early days of SQL Server, it has been possible to use basic security measures to allow (and disallow) user access to any object in a database, and even limit access to a given column. A more difficult task has been to limit access to the individual rows in a table. This has made application development more complex because whereas most every user may have access to a table like HR.Employee, not every employee will have access to every employee's data. In this session I will cover several techniques to limit access to rows, from methods that have existed since early versions of SQL Server, to the new Row Level Security feature in SQL Server 2016.

What is interesting about this session for me is the time frame. Some conferences you get an hour and 15 minutes and have to stretch your topic to fit (or to be fair, not hurry to get to the end because you have too much material to fill the typical hour. This presentation will be the other way. It is scheduled for 45 minutes. And since these will be more of a coder/developers type of audience, I really have no idea whether they will want to see 2016 topics, or how to do it with pre-2015 technologies. So I will have my 2 hours of material (all code in SSMS) ready, and see where things go.

There are a few other sessions I am keen to attend, both from Gaines Kergosien (great guy who runs Music City Code), the first of which conflicts with Eric's session, but how can you not want to see: a session on "7 Habits of Highly Paid Developers" I work for a non-profit, but I am not dead inside. The one I do plan to make it to is called "From Developer to Data Scientist" as I am interested in the whole data scientist path, if not necessarily to become one, to build better databases that support them.

Published Monday, July 24, 2017 5:33 PM by drsql

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Eric Cobb said:

Hey Louis,

I saw you listed on the schedule as well, I'm looking forward to seeing you!

July 25, 2017 8:48 AM

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