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Louis Davidson

SQL Saturday Chattanooga is THIS WEEK!

My goodness how time does fly. It seems like just a few months ago I was going to my hometown SQL Saturday in Nashville, and now here I go again to my NEW hometown SQL Saturday in Chattanooga, TN. Much like the Nashville event, I didn't really do anything in terms of organization of the event, but I will be speaking at the event this year (last year, Chattanooga was he event I just attended… I remember liking that feeling in the days leading up to the event, as a matter of fact.)

I will be doing my Database Design Fundamentals session. Here is the abstract:

Data should be easy to work with in SQL Server if the database has been organized as close as possible to the standards of normalization that have been proven for many years, but are often thought of as old-fashioned. Many common T-SQL programming "difficulties" are the result of struggling against these standards and can be avoided by understanding the requirements, applying normalization, as well as a healthy dose of simple common sense. In this session I will give an overview of how to design a relational database, allowing you to work with the data structures instead of against them. This will let you use SQL naturally, enabling the query engine internals to optimize your output needs without you needing to spend a lot of time thinking about it. This will mean less time trying to figure out why SUBSTRING(column,3,1) = 'A' is killing your performance, and more time for solving the next customer problem.

This session is totally my "chestnut" session (the derivation of that expression is not what I thought it was!), as a variation of this session has been done by me for 15 years or so, and some of the concepts have been around since the mid eighties (when the music was REAL!) 

Larry Ortega (@SpoChatt) and team puts on a great conference, I have enjoyed it every year, and he is the lead of our local user group as well.  I hope to see you there… Convinced? Click here:

Still not convinced?

How can you resist attending SQL Saturday #624 on 6/24? It will be like many 1000s of events before you can possibly do that again!

If my session, and the 6/24 thing, isn't enough, check out the full schedule for, frankly, a heck of a group of speakers!

Still not convinced? Well then you are just too hard to please for me. Stay home and enjoy a rainy Saturday afternoon without SQL.

Published Wednesday, June 21, 2017 5:11 PM by drsql

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