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Louis Davidson

Where have I been? Where will I be?

SQL Saturday Orlando has been postponed. I won't be able to make it for the make up day, so that part of this blog has changed. Not the part about me loving the folks down there. They are still awesome! 

I again have not blogged so much that I don't show up in the list on, but it is about time to start blogging again.

Where have I been?

Good question that probably no one has actually asked. But let me show you. I have been stuck here, fingers attached to a keyboard:

2016-10-03 09.50.05

Over the past months, I have been sitting behind this desk, writing and editing. My "Pro SQL Server Relational Database Design and Implementation" book ( is nearing completion. Jessica Moss and I turned in our last edit after tech review today. I am turning in the source code and bonus chapter on Triggers (where I include a really messy natively compiled trigger that duplicates a MUCH simpler trigger using interpreted code!).

Second (and this is the first time I have mentioned it publicly), I am writing half of a book with another awesome person:, but that is really been a lot of work in a very short time period. I am getting close to finished with my part on that one too.

Where will I be?

This Saturday, I will be at SQL Saturday Orlando, doing my "Let Me Finish… Isolating Write Operations" session.  The abstract for this session is:

OLTP databases can be constantly written to and reporting databases are written to at least periodically. In order to ensure consistent results, connections must be isolated from one another while executing, ideally with the lowest possible cost to concurrency. How this isolation is handled is based on the isolation level, whether the classic lock based or the newer optimistic scheme of the in-memory OLTP engine is used, or even if both engines are enlisted in the same transaction. In this session we will look at examples of how SQL Server isolates reading and writing operations from other writing operations to explore how this may affect your application through error messages and performance hits.

I love the Orlando folks, and every year I hope my vacation plans (made 11 months in advance) sync up with their event (If you know me at all, you probably know I don't give up a day at Disney World for anything else. I mean, I am speaking while my wife is at Disney World AND at the same time as my UT Vols are playing Texas A&M…)

Is this the last time I do this session? Maybe. I do really like it, and it is the most natural session I have ever done (particularly a session with demos!) But I have done it a bunch of times this year, and I generally like to write something new every year (except perhaps for my Database Design Fundamentals chestnut.) I am thinking something around Row Level Security/Dynamic Data Masking. RLS for sure is a pretty cool topic that I can certainly see applying some day. The last time I jumped on a session idea about a new feature it was sequences… did not get as many attendees as some other sessions! Wouldn't hate doing a fun session some day too.

Then I will be at the PASS Summit and MVP Summits late October and early November, before hibernating until around the

My next blog will be a follow-up on last year's resolutions I made after PASS. If it arrives in time, I might even model the outcome of one of the resolutions as well.

Published Monday, October 3, 2016 11:24 PM by drsql

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