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Louis Davidson

SQL In The City Charlotte - Fundamentals of Database Design

Next Monday, October 14, at Red-Gate's SQL In The City conference in Charlotte, NC (one day before PASS), I will be presenting my Fundamentals of Database Design session. It is my big-time chestnut session, the one that I do the most and have the most fun with. This will be the "single" version of the session, weighing in at just under an hour, and it is a lot of material to go over (even with no code samples to go awry to take up time.) 

In this hour long session (presented in widescreen format for the very first time!), I cover the process of database design, from gathering requirements, assembling a model, and finally checking to make sure that model does the best job meeting the standards that Codd and friends have been refining for the past 30 years, plus some discussion about testing and implementation.  You can find out more about me and other speakers here on the SQL In the City site. 

(Note: The following day (Oct 15) I will be doing the LP version of this session at the PASS conference, also in Charlotte, blog about it here, with the big difference being that we will do some design and I will only have to talk while breathing out.)

I have no idea what to expect as this is my first SQL in the City, but I love Red Gate tools, and everyone I have met from RedGate have always been fun people to hang around with. If you haven't signed up for one of the Monday precons for PASS (my fellow pre-con writers worked hard on their sessions :)), please register and come over to the Ritz Carlton (the one where the conference is being held of course) and get your learn on!


On barely related note, the name SQL In The City always reminds me of the Pete Townshend's song "Street in the City".

"I watch as Fleet Street makes new heroes rise and fall.
The news is written in the eyes of us all.
One is a sinner. One is a saint, but most of us worry about showing up late.

Street in the city. Street in the city on a working day."

Somehow, I doubt this was heavy in the mind of the people choosing a name, but I march to the beat of a drum that is decidedly different than even many of my nerdy SQL friends (which would make a great Saturday morning cartoon show, though I digress in my digression.)

Published Wednesday, October 9, 2013 2:33 PM by drsql

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