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Louis Davidson

Louisville SQL Saturday…

One more week until we get to SQL Saturday 122 in Louisville KY. I have a couple of sessions on the calendar this time. First, the one on Sequences:


What Sequence objects are (and are not)

SQL Server 2012 adds a new object to our arsenal called a sequence that can will give us the capability to implement automatically incrementing values. However, it cannot replace a lot of functionality that we have used a numbers table and windowing functions for (though they can be complimentary to one another). In this session I will demonstrate the uses and performance characteristics of sequences, including how they compliment the use of number tables and windowing functions to create surrogate key and sorting values, and more.


The second session is my professional development session that goes along with my What Counts for a DBA blog series on SimpleTalk. Come with your ideas about what makes a great DBA so we can all get into the conversation (and not just so I won’t have to create too many slides). I will have my topic spinning wheel with me, so who knows exactly what we will discuss, not even I know.

What Counts For a DBA

The world of a DBA can be daunting for a person, either as a new or old, because not only do they need to keep up with new and emerging technologies, but also with the code and designs of their coworkers. In this highly participation driven session, we will employ a random topic chooser to pick several of these traits for discussion as a group. Possible topics include past blog topics such as Logic, Curiosity, Failure, Humility, Skill and Passion, as well as any other topics that might be added for that day. So come prepared to participate and voice your opinion about what counts for a DBA.


Hope to see you there! (and if you can’t make it to Louisville, I will be in Cleveland OH for SQL Saturday #164 on August 16,  and then in Chattanooga for Devlink the last week of August. Chattanooga, TN.

Published Saturday, July 14, 2012 7:31 PM by drsql

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