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Louis Davidson

Planning my Louisville SQL Saturday Presentation

So it is Tuesday night, just a few days until my presentation entitled What Counts For A DBA and I am still not completely sure exactly what is going to go on. In fact, I don’t exactly plan to know what is going on until the presentation is over.  On paper it seems like a simple idea. I am going to use 9 of the topics I have posted on my simple-talk blog about What Counts For a DBA (, and write them on my spinning wheel that looks like this:

24 Inch Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel White Face

The extra three spaces will be prize slots, which will (the first time they are landed on, earn the spinner a book: I will bring a copy of MVP Deep Dives 2, a copy of my relational design book, and a copy of Tom Larock’s DBA Survivor book too. In these thee spots I will have a Joker that lets the spinner choose their own topic, and two envelope spots that will let them choose an envelope that contains one of my queued up topics that I will ask the spinner to comment on, as well as anyone else in attendance. Any repeat topics will merit an envelope open as well.

Will it work? I don’t have a clue. It will take me really stepping up my looseness when I speak and an audience that isn’t prepping their minds for the Women In Technology lunch. Either I dropped 120 bucks on a spinning wheel that takes up garage space and is never used or that is used a few times a year.  Either way, hope to see you in Louisville this weekend!

Published Tuesday, October 25, 2011 10:47 PM by drsql
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