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Louis Davidson

Design Book – Second Section (Logical/Conceptual Modeling/Case Studies)

In the first section of the book, we established the skills that are required to do data modeling/design (well, at least we will, and who is this we…I digress), so the next step is to put it all together and do some data modeling. 

So this section will be set up as one or two case studies where a scenario will be provided, and the entire normalized logical model will be presented. The topics of this model will be tough to come up with, as I will want to demonstrate at least two thirds or more of the techniques presented in the first sections. One thing I prefer about this new approach is that I can do the model more naturally and not need to do much re-explanation of the reasons for the techniques.  In reality, this is going to need to be one of the first major things I need to write. The skills section should be pretty straightforward, since each of the sections can be presented independently.

Basically, the current chapter list that I am thinking of is:

6. Hobby Style Model(s) – In my precon for SQL Saturday Orlando, I had people create a model for cataloging a Lego collection and a comic book store. These are a couple of the ideas I have for the book too. Some sorts of models that will be easy to create, deal with, and perhaps even use for personal use. The purpose here will be to really flesh out some situation that can easily be built and resonate with the designer.

7.  Business Model(s) – For the second model, I will do something a bit more Salesy and a bit less cutesy than a personal collection of toys.  It will not be nearly as easy to implement, and for all intents and purposes won’t really be able to go far enough to be useful (I tried to get 10,000 pages for the next book, but they declined). The end product should be something workable though, and feel reasonably real

8. And the rest (Yeah, a better name will come up before the book is in the can) – In this chapter, I am thinking that discussing several different types of models that are not extremely cut and dried like sales, inventory, etc.  This is probably the most expendable of the chapters that I have suggested so far, as this is more speculation than completely formulated idea.

9. Standard Data Models – After Karen Lopez’ session at PASS, I added this section to cover the topic of industry standard models. It is a topic that I will actually have to read more about (or get some help with), and as such it may either be relegated to a section in the previous chapter, or part of the section intro…

The hardest part about this section is that it is the least reusable section of the book. It is a very important part of the book because a less experienced reader will need it most, and observing the process will help to understand the process of doing design, but the rest of the book will be what I build on to give you searchable bits that allow you to find and copy code snippets and techniques (which is why I personally love the ebook version…)

Published Sunday, November 28, 2010 11:40 PM by drsql

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