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PASS Day 2–In which my head began to hurt

This morning, keeping to my typical method I missed the keynote in person but kept up via twitter feed (!/search/%23sqlpass). Knew about most of the new stuff, and seriously could have used a few more hours of sleep (I nodded off in a few sessions later in the day)

My first session was Conor Cunningham’s ( session on UPDATEs and how they are done in a query engine. Great stuff when I could pay attention (my house cleaners set off the alarm and no one was around to help them so pandemonium ensued…I was supposed to cancel this week, but I forgot…). I love to get the internal view of what is going on in SQL Server so I can visualize why a query isn’t working.  I have a high level understanding, and for me, Conor helped to adjust some things I thought I knew and taught me some new stuff. When I get the DVD’s I plan to watch this one again when I have a pause button and his scripts to play with.

During lunch I more or less sat alone and loaded the Denali CTP on my machine so I could get the new interface to make a joke seem more initially credible.  Hey, I was going to install it soon enough anyhow, but the new VS2010 interface lends a bit of credibility to the build up of a really weak joke.

After lunch, I got to talking with some people at the Red Gate booth (again :) and missed Chuck Hawkins session on extended events.  I wanted to go, and would have had I remembered it was him giving it (He used to be my boss 5 years ago).  We had dinner at Charlie’s On Broadway (guess what street), and it was quite good.  He is a very adventurous person, unlike myself. Without some impetus I would eat a frozen dinner in my room at night :)

At 2:30, it was off to the well hidden Room 2AB for a couple of sessions (both of which I was quite sleepy during). First up was Ken Simmons’ (!/kensimmons) Art of Indexing.  It was kind of high level, but still interesting. Another of the sessions where the queries will be definitely worth it. Finally, Bob Ward’s (!/bobwardms) latch session was outstanding and really deep. Just like Conor’s session I will be watching it, checking out the scripts, and pressing pause over and over.

Tomorrow I plan to finally get to at least most of Andy Leonard’s (!/andyleonard) Database Design for Developers session. Annoyingly it is RIGHT before my database design session, so two things are true. 1. I may lose some people due to not wanting to see 3 hours of design 2. Not enough time to steal any of his material for my slides

Published Thursday, November 11, 2010 1:52 AM by drsql

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