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Louis Davidson

Why you should and shouldn’t vote for my SQL Rally Pre-con

So, let’s be honest.  I would love another trip down to Orlando to do my two favorite things. 1. Talking about SQL Server and Database Design. 2. Going to Disney World. 

But let’s be clear… Neither of these ought to be the why you click on my Pre-Con here (Vote) if you haven’t already. If you think that either of the other sessions:

Title: What every .NET developer MUST know about SQL Server
Speaker: Klaus Aschenbrenner


Title: Maximize Your SQL Server 2008 Coding Skills
Speaker: Plamen Ratchev

Will help you out, or perhaps, you feel, everyone else on the planet, more than my design session, then vote for the other one. Honestly, I would prefer that we all tree had a swing at the teaching the people more about SQL Server. I think it questionably if .NET devs will be coming to SQL Rally, but if so, no doubt they ought to know everything that they MUST know :).  And I like the idea of maximizing 2008 coding skills.

So  in the end, it is completely up to you. Vote, don’t vote. Vote for me if you think that database design is something that more people ought  to  know. I would love another chance to give the topic a full day treatment.  At SQL Saturday 49, I had a blast giving the topic the full day treatment that it so begs out to get. If not here, somewhere else. Or hey, give me a shout out and I will come to your house and teach on the subject.  I will talk relational design until my lips are numb.

Published Monday, November 1, 2010 12:28 AM by drsql

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