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What I have been up to,and what I am getting down to

So, clearly I haven’t blogged in quite a while, even forgetting to blog about SQL Saturday 51 event we did in Nashville. Honestly I  can’t say much that  wouldn’t sound like bragging. Kevin Kline, Joe Webb, and Christine Leo and a gaggle of speakers, many MVPs, and some of them future MVPs. All of the were actually awesome and made my job easy once I figured out what sessions to choose.

Beyond that, I have been speaking at SQL Saturday events pretty much every month, and this month and next are no different.  In the next month or so, I have  three big things coming up:

24 Hours of PASS (Session 23: September 16 at 22:00 GMT): I have written a new session on the 10 big design mistakes which in the end are really more like 100 grouped into 10 topics. The presentation is meant to be fun and make you think, but at least be fun.

SQL Saturday 50 East Iowa (September 18): Next Saturday I will be in East Iowa for a whirlwind journey driving up from Nashville to East Iowa and back home overnight (complicated by the fact that we are delivering a relative back home in Omaha Nebraska, and I am fly out of town Sunday afternoon.) I will be doing two sessions on database design, including the revamped session that I referred in my last blog post (way back in June). I revamped it for Devlink in early August, and it went quite well. Who knows, maybe it goes good again :)

SQL Saturday 49 Orlando (October 15): This is going to be the big event for me this year. I am doing a pre-con on Friday night for this on Database Design. I have 90% of the slides ready from all of my other sessions, but  I still have to put  things together. I am very much looking forward to this, and even more looking forward to the “lab” parts of the session. We are going to spend at least 2 hours doing design, and hopefully a bit more. And at least one of the designs will be something that we come up with as a group. And the price is awesome, 99 bucks, you get a copy of my ebook, and we are going to have  fun. (Then I am going to Disney World, ‘natch). 

PASS Summit (November 8-11): Doing my design session here, in a longish format. Usually I get 50 minutes, here I will get 75, so I will toss in some of my patterns session as well.  Also Tim Ford and I will be doing the Quiz Bowl again during the welcome session, and that is always fun (sometime more fun than others, but we enjoy it.)

Oh yeah, and Tim and my book is going to be available very soon! Very soon! No really, very soon this time for real.

After this, it will be time to take some time off for the holidays before starting on the next edition of the design book. I have no advanced knowledge of and release time for the next edition of SQL Server, but it was 2 years ago, and they have promised every 3 or so… so who knows. Part of the reason I wanted to do a full day session for Database Design is to get into the teaching process and think through what  needs to be done in the book. Part of me would like to bag the whole thing, but the perfectionist in me wants to  do it again and get it even more right…

I also plan to get this blog active again with some opinion pieces and trial pieces for the book too.  Much like the pillar series of posts I did last year, I need to work through some ideas and let you readers tell me why my ideas are so dumb so I can adjust them!

Published Thursday, September 9, 2010 9:12 PM by drsql

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