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Louis Davidson

Rocky Mountain Tech Trifeca next Saturday, and I will be there with no bells on (I promise)

Is the world ready for a Louis Davidson keynote address? Luckily the entire world won’t have to find this out, but a hundred or two folks in Denver next weekend will serve as test cases for just that (

Ideally, you will laugh a lot, cry a little, hear very little profanity (if this occurs, I am probably a bit out of my mind), and see at least 2 pictures of my grand child. Oh yeah, and there will be at minimum of one sing a long (no I am not kidding, though I rather don’t expect much participation.)  I will insult everyone in the room at least a little, though mostly just their coworkers who are too lazy to get up at 9:00 on a Saturday when the Olympics are still on and listen to me pontificate on such subjects as: professional development, why database design is so important (and actually design of anything one might be trying to build!), proper filling of a Lego pick a brick cup, and how being a mile over sea level can make certain people delirious (the first two will be planned, the latter one just are “possible” topics.) And just be warned, when I pull out the very large mallet and a watermelon, the first few rows get wet, so bring a rain coat if you want.

If nothing else, I hope to have a lot of fun pictures for you to look at, and a lot of quotes from my favorite philosopher types. 

Of course, as this is my first presentation of this sort, I might just freak out, start screaming and run away. Probably not, but be prepared for anything. I know I will be.

Published Friday, February 19, 2010 11:29 PM by drsql

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