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Louis Davidson

There is still stuff I hadn't noticed (OBJECT_ID has a parameter for type of object)

I was building a script to build a table I had built in my dev environment including inserts so I did a bit of hunting around and came upon Vyas's script ( that is used to generate inserts from a table (script here:  Very cool stuff and worked nicely (all I did was specify a table.)

What was really interesting was that his drop or create batch to start the script looked like this:

IF (SELECT OBJECT_ID('sp_generate_inserts','P')) IS NOT NULL --means, the procedure already exists   
          PRINT 'Procedure already exists. So, dropping it'
          DROP PROC sp_generate_inserts

Hmmm: OBJECT_ID('sp_generate_inserts','P'))?  What is P?  Well, looking at BOL it is the type of object!  Cool. 

After creating the stored procedure, running the following commands:

select OBJECT_ID('sp_generate_inserts')
select OBJECT_ID('sp_generate_inserts','P')
select OBJECT_ID('sp_generate_inserts','U')

Will tell you 1, that there is an object named sp_generate_inserts, it is a procedure, and it is not a table.  Very useful.  Of course, because a procedure has to be the only thing created in a batch, this information is not tremendously useful in building better scripts.  But it is interesting new feature.

Now, what is really interesting new thing is addition of database_id as a parameter to object_name.  But I will talk about that later...

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Published Sunday, December 3, 2006 4:42 PM by drsql

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