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On a private newsgroup I read, the question was asked:

"Samples in or out of the box? For the next release of SQL Server we're thinking of just shipping sample code on the web, instead of shipping on the web and also in the SQL Server box on a CD as we have done in the past."

And I replied (amongst other things) that it would be nice if there was a resource to ping us when there was changes in sample code.  The reply was, "there is!", and it is in this blog:  As such, you too can get updated on sample changes, as well as answering questions like that question above (actually I got the quoted text from the blog, so you can answer exactly that question), by going here and leaving comments:

As a sidenote, I am getting more and more excited about how well they are blogging things at Microsoft.  This is a very effective, rather personal way to connect to us, and is a good examples of how they are keeping us informed of stuff THEY do, and at least seemingly not filtered through layers of bull hooey marketing...

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Published Wednesday, October 11, 2006 10:34 PM by drsql

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