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Louis Davidson

NDA's not amongst friends

Yesterday's blog about the changes to metadata function changes in SP2 was one of a number things that I have recently learned about that have been driving me crazy.  And we thought we would have to wait until SP2 was put out to release that information.  Luckily it was published on the connect site in open Internet so it was sharable.  Of course, it is also retractable, as that is not the perfectly reliable place to get new features.

Almost any person who works for a company that builds something is under some sort of NDA.  You cannot call the newspaper and tell too much about anything that your company does, or you would be busted (I worked at a high profile company once that monitored phones after meetings to see if they could figure out who would rat them out to the press...and they very often figured it out.  Clearly those folks who called the press were not the Valedictorians of their high school, even if they were home schooled only children.  But I digress)

Having an NDA that your coworkers are also under is not a tremendous problem.  After demos you often have the excited discussion: "Bob, did you see such and such feature?"  "Yeah, that was cool" 

Over the past few weeks however, there are a few things that I have seen under NDA's that are really cool, really useful, and quite applicable to current situations that my company/a client is in.  So I sit in a meeting, discussing some feature, or doing some task manually that I know is going to vastly improved some day. 

Clearly I am just venting a little bit, because there is nothing I can do other than just bide my time and wait until we are given the go ahead to tell everyone.  No doubt I will be back to tell you what I hear!

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Published Tuesday, September 26, 2006 10:35 AM by drsql
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