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Louis Davidson

Easier access to metadata coming soon to a SQL Server near you

This is not a scoop or anything, but it is quite newsworthy.  It is also a good way to kick off my sqlblog

Kalen Delaney - Metadata Power
Simon Sabin - object_name() to be extended in SP2

A very common request is to have some of the system functions to work in any database.  Kalen posted a piece of feedback on connect to allow the object_name function to work with an optional second parameter of database_id!  Wow!  Thank you thank you!  I hope this becomes a standard feature on all of the database specific functions...

And for those of you who (like me) have started to embrace schemas, they also added a function: object_schema_name that returns the schema_name of the object. 

I had also asked for something like the latter, but they just closed it and told me to do this:
SCHEMA_NAME(OBJECTPROPERTY(<object_id>, 'schemaid')).   Well, I would listen to Kalen over me too :) 

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Published Monday, September 25, 2006 7:35 PM by drsql

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