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Lara Rubbelke

Interesting Things in the World of SQL Server

Enterprise Policy Management: Updates, New Whitepaper, and Upcoming Webcast

The next version of the Enterprise Policy Management Framework has been published to CodePlex.  The new version includes error trapping and error reporting, and a few bug fixes.  Please be sure to download the documentation as well, which will help you understand how to use the PowerShell variables to scale the execution in your environment. 

A new whitepaper has been published outlining the intent of the Enterprise Policy Management Framework. A big thank you to Tom Davidson for all of the hard work writing the paper.

Finally, anyone who is interested in an introduction to Policy-Based Management and a demonstration of the EPM Framework in action can attend my TechNet webcast next Thursday, March 12: TechNet Webcast: Governing Your Enterprise with Policy-Based Management (Level 300).  This webcast is best suited for those of you who…:

  • are currently frustrated with managing a SQL Server environment that is inconsistently deployed
  • want to reduce the time you spend developing and running scripts to determine issues in business and regulatory compliance
  • simply want to see a better way to manage groups of servers to better scale your time

Join in the webcast, it is sure to be fun and enlightening!  In short, you will walk away with an understanding of Policy-Based Management, how to use the SQL Server 2008 Policy-Based Management framework to support down-version (SQL Server 2000 and 2005) policy evaluation, and how to implement the EPM framework (see picture below) for an understanding of policy compliance across the enterprise. 


Published Wednesday, March 4, 2009 10:21 AM by Lara Rubbelke


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