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Kevin Kline

And the winner of the SQLBits8 Pub Quiz is... [drumroll please]

Carley had to rescue me from the bingo set!

Wow - what a great trip through Europe! Normally, I bounce back after a day of downtime when dealing with jet lag. Basically, when we land in whatever eastward time zone I've flown to, I stay up until a reasonable bed time. Then, on the following day I'm usually ready to go at full speed. I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong this time, but jet lag completely kicked my rear. Maybe I didn't stay properly hydrated? Maybe I didn't adjust my diet properly. Or maybe, as a lot of my buddies are constantly telling me, I'm getting too old for this. But whatever the reasons, I was pretty much worthless until Friday - two days after I arrived. SQLBits8 was in beautiful and sunny Brighton, which everyone local to the area assures me that it's not usually either. The crowd was large (in number, not in weight) and enthusiastic. We did two rollickin' fun lunch time vendor sessions, one being the SQL Pub Quiz.


And the winner is...Mark!

I'll tell you about the other one, the monster "Horror Stories" session, tomorrow in a separate blog post. We used a bingo pub quiz approach and using, I have to say, a form of bingo I'd never before seen in my life. Despite my idiocy, we managed to have some good fun. The big winner for day one at SQLBits was Mark Dodd, shown above. Congrats Mark, and thanks for coming to our SQL Pub Quiz session! The questions were a mix of SQL Server specific questions with general IT industry trivia. Care to try your hand? Here are the first five questions from the SLQ Pub Quiz (answers at bottom):

Q1: Microsoft wasn’t the originator of SQL Server. Tracing its lineage back, what company was the originator of SQL Server?

Q2: This should be an easy one for you, what does RAID mean?

Q3: What’s the maximum number of non-clustered indexes per table for a 64-bit instance of SQL Server 2008 R2?

Q4: Computing pioneer Grace Hopper initially coined this term meaning “a problem in the computer system”. What is that still commonly used term?

Q5: If a LAN is a Local Area Network and a WAN is a Wide Area Network, what is a SAN?

Most people don't have a long memory for specifics like acronyms or the specific upper limit of some setting or other inside of SQL Server, the OS, or whatever. I think a lot of folks were surprised by how much they rely on the internet to answer their basic questions. After all, if you know how to look it up, why remember it?


I wasn't trying to eat the candy. The jet lag turned me zombie - I was trying to eat Richard's brain.

I also was able to learn a few new things about Great Britain on this trip. For example, folks love "rock". I'd call the stuff simply "peppermint" but then I'd be waaay wrong. It's evidently something made locally that you can pick up in any British tourist spot, kind of like taffy here in the US. There was a lot of candy on hand in the booth as well. I think I gained about 12 pounds on this trip. More stories about SQLBits8 tomorrow!

Enjoy, -Kev

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P.S. I didn't forget. Answers from the pub quiz - A1: Sybase, A2: Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks, A3: 999, A4: Bug, A5: A Storage Area Network      

Published Tuesday, April 19, 2011 2:21 PM by KKline

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