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New SQL Server Product Releases from Quest Software

I was the initial architect for a number of the SQL Server tools offered by Quest Software.  Check them out at  This month, a number of new products have been or are being released.  Here are some of the products with some of their new features:

Capacity Manager 2.0 – GA July 23

New Features in Capacity Manager for SQL Server 2.0

  • Manage Partitions - This feature provides an enhanced reporting on Table and View Partitioning. It helps you analyze and manage partitioned objects, monitor partitioned data growth and detect largest, most fragmented or fastest growing and fragmenting partitions.
  • Capacity Planner - This feature allows you to forecast disk space requirements for future database consolidation.
  • Cross-server reporting 
  • Status Calculations - Identifies when space or fragmentation thresholds have been crossed (group, instance and database level) and will generate alerts (event log or e-mail)
  • Enhanced collection leveraging SQL Server 2005 dynamic management views (DMV).
  • More flexible data collection - You can set up a data collection schedule for a particular database and choose type of data to collect

Note: There is also a product called Capacity Manager for SharePoint.  This add-on will GA separately and is expected to be available in the weeks following the GA of Capacity Manager for SQL Server 2.0.


LiteSpeed for SQL Server 4.8.2 – GA July 26

§         Japanese version

§         Features and functionality are same as English version 4.8.1


Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 2.0 – GA this month 

  • Archive and Reporting - Capability to export performance data to a SQL Server repository and run reports using Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • SQL Analysis - Improved implementation of Global Trace to identify poorly performing or resource intensive SQL statements


Published Friday, August 10, 2007 11:55 AM by KKline
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