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Kalen Delaney

Did You Know? It's really easy to convey the wrong message when writing

And it's also really easy to procrastinate. I meant to blog about a big misunderstanding right after last month's SQL Server Magazine UPDATE commentary appeared, but now I'm just finishing up this month's commentary and only now realized I forgot to write this blog post.

In this commentary I talked about how difficult it is to find the information you might need, and how difficult it is for educators, or product support providers or documentation writers to make sure EVERYONE has the necessary information.

The title of the article is "Disseminating SQL Server Information", and if you go to the page that lists all my articles, you'll see the short description:

How can we ensure that everyone can find the SQL Server information they need?

But some people thought I was actually complaining ("beating people up") for not knowing certain facts. 

I apologize profusely to anyone who assumed I was berating them. I hope that anyone who actually knows me, knows that this would be the last thing on my mind, but I can only assume that there are readers out there who have never met me.

My point in the article was not only to talk about how hard it is to find correct answers, and know that they are correct answers, but that it's almost impossible to make sure everyone who needs the information can find it. Particularly since there are new SQL Server users every day!

I certainly don't know EVERYTHING about SQL Server, and I have trouble tracking down answers sometimes. I know it's orders of magnitude harder for people who have a lot fewer sources of information than I have.

Again, I apologize to anyone who has ever thought any of my writing or responses are condescending in any way. It has never been my intention to make anyone feel bad for what they don't know, particularly when they're doing something to try to learn more!

Thanks so much to all my readers… where would I be without you all?


Published Tuesday, September 28, 2010 2:17 PM by Kalen Delaney

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ALZDBA said:

Only a great person recognizes his/her own flaws or errors and is brave enough to publicly admit and rectify that situation.

Respect !

Maybe a "level" indicator for a topic in Books Online could help out, because most people just tumble in sqlserver (willingly or not).

What should a novice know, what's the next level, how not to drown in tiny details, ...

September 30, 2010 2:16 PM

retracement said:

The English Language is a funny thing. I'm forever surprised by how quickly people can get their backs up due to misunderstanding or mis-interpretation. Come on guys, lets grow a thicker skin eh? We're DBA's aren't we? We are used to taking a berating from management, development, the "business" and anyone else you can think of in your company...and we're still there ready to take them on again for round two the next day ...yet some of you have got all sensitive!

Couple of things here, seeing the same (basic) mistakes time and time again can get frustrating and they need pointing out firmly in my opinion. If I have to break a few eggs to make an omelette then I will happily do so. There is NO ROOM for error in the DBA world, it could cost you (or me) our job (and this is why our pay generally reflects this).

Secondly anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Kalen will KNOW that she would never knowingly do or say anything condescending to ANYONE. I actually find those statements quite frankly ridiculous and in themselves quite judgmental.

Kalen, you will always be the DBA I admire the most for your massive contribution to us novices over the last 20 years or so (best not tell Paul or Kimberley) and I thank you for this, so please carry on writing what needs to be said and keep up the good work :)

October 2, 2010 5:09 PM

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