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Kalen Delaney

Did You Know? Three events that brought me here

I was tagged by Paul Randal, to tell you about three events that brought me to this point in my life today. It's interesting timing, because one of my teachers was just talking about a book he had just read, called "The Tipping Point", which dealt with people in our lives who had made things happen for us.  It seemed to me there was some sort of cosmic connection, to I started thinking a lot about how I would address Paul's question.  However, the more I started thinking, the harder it got. Every major decision in my life was brought about by previous decisions and previous events.

And then Tuesday I was told by editor at SQL Server Magazine that there had been some major confusion and my monthly commentary was due this Wednesday (Jan 20) not next (Jan 27). So I decided to turn my answer to Paul's question in to my commentary, since I had already spent so much time thinking about it.

I mainly considered 'events' to be decisions I had made, rather than things that just happened to me. One of those decisions was a very spur-of-the-moment one, another was a very heart-wrenching and difficult personal decision, and the third was a professional decision that many people thought I was crazy for making.

You can read the read of the post here:

So now you know --


Published Thursday, January 21, 2010 9:36 PM by Kalen Delaney

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