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Kalen Delaney

Did you know? -- SQL Server 2005 Best Practices site is available

I am writing this post at an altitude of 35000 ft (10668 m) on a flight to Sydney, Australia. I am on my way to Melbourne, to present my SQL Server Architecture, Internals and Tuning class for our Solid Quality Learning Australian subsidiary ( This is the third time I've taken this flight, and it doesn’t get any shorter. I thought I had slept for a good long while, but when I woke up I found there was still over 5 hours of flying time left. I’m not sure what day this is, as we may or may not have crossed the International Date Line already. My computer’s clock says it is 8:17 AM on Saturday morning and our scheduled arrival time in Sydney is 7:33 AM Sunday. I then fly to Melbourne and arrive mid-day. The previous two times I flew to Australia, I took a flight that arrived on Saturday to give me a whole day to recuperate before class began on Monday. However, this time that would have meant I needed to fly out on Thursday, which was the US Thanksgiving holiday. Although the flight and cabin crews get paid extra for flying on holidays, I don’t. And, my two oldest sons were home for the first time since starting University last September, and I selfishly wanted an extra day with them.


At the PASS Conference last week, Mark Souza gave us our Christmas gift early. He came out on stage during David Campbell’s keynote presentation wearing a Santa Claus hat and told the audience that we deserved a present for being such good customers. And he didn’t mean we were good just for attending PASS. He meant that we were good for being interested enough in SQL Server 2005 to test it, use it, complain about it, and build businesses around it. So his gift is not just intended for the conference attendees, but for anyone who is interested in SQL Server 2005 to such a degree, and I would guess that readers of SQL Server blogs would qualify as well. So here is the gift:


Mark pointed us to a new mini-site managed by his Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft, devoted to SQL Server Best Practices.


There is a list of whitepapers and a toolbox of scripts. The first whitepaper listed is a long awaited update to the Waits and Queues whitepaper that Mark’s team wrote for SQL Server 2000.


Here is the link to the site:


I haven’t even begun to explore the scripts in the toolbox yet, but as I do, I may post some of my discoveries here.


Have fun!


-- Kalen



Published Saturday, November 25, 2006 4:22 PM by Kalen Delaney

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