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The Rambling DBA: Jonathan Kehayias

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Closing out 2009 – Goals in Review

This year I set quite a few goals for myself both personally and professionally, and I blogged about them on my blog post Goals for 2009.  Looking back at them, I did really good accomplishing my primary goals for the year, dedicating a block of time to my family each day and graduating from the US Army Drill Sergeant Academy to further my military career.  I accomplished both of these goals, and my relationship with my family is stronger than I ever thought was possible, something that I am immensely proud of.

However, some of my other goals for the year were a bit more ambitious than I originally thought.

1.  Remain consistent in technical blog posts averaging 3 a week for the year.

  • I failed here, but only by 1 blog post a week.  This year I wrote 113 blog posts, not counting this one, for an average of 2.17 posts a week.  I’d say I was pretty consistent, but not near 3 posts a week.

2.  Finish coding on the Extended Events Manager App to make it a one stop shop for creating, altering and consuming Extended Events in SQL Server 2008.

  • I’d call this a success.  The state of this is well beyond what I would have ever imagined it would be a year ago.

3.  Continue to answer posts on the MSDN and SqlServerCentral Forums.

  • I count this one as a success.  While my number of posts has decreased, I became more focused in what I was posting to, primarily Database Engine related threads, and not so much the TSQL related posts.

4.  Present at least one session at a major event, (ie TechEd, SQLConnections, PASS Summit, etc.)

  • I count this one as a success as well, but only because I presented at PASS.  I need to work on becoming a better speaker in the future.

5.  Submit an article for publication at least once a quarter to an online site or magazine publication.

  • I fell short here, missing the entire 3rd quarter of this year.  However, I have learned lately that some of my more complex blog posts could be turned into articles with a bit more work.  It really is a bit of a tradeoff between blogging for immediate publication and contributing to another source for delayed publication.

6.  Continue to present sessions at SQL Saturday and local Code Camp Events.

  • I count this one as a success since I presented at SQL Saturday Orlando, as well as a couple of user group meetings.

7.  Complete my MCITP SQL Server 2008 Administrator Certification.

  • This is another success, as I now hold the 2008 DBA and Dev certifications.

8.  Take the Oracle Certified Associate Database Administrator Certification test.

  • This was an utter failure on my part.  I never even scheduled the exam, so no excuses for this one.  At this point I should have been working on my OCP or further, but my focus this year has been so much on SQL that I didn’t put the effort into this.  Was than an excuse?  Forgive me, I already said no excuses.

All in all, this year was a major success, and I look forward to planning my goals for 2010.

Published Friday, January 01, 2010 12:53 AM by Jonathan Kehayias
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